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How to Make Your Personal Brand Photographs Really Stand Out

Creating a personal brand is all about attracting your ideal client to you and setting yourself apart from the competition. So learning how to make your personal brand photographs really stand out is definitely something to consider. Your personal brand is what makes you and your business unique – it’s what makes you a relatable, authentic, go-to professional instead of just blending in with everyone else in your field. Putting together your personal brand involves a lot of different parts – from how your website looks, to your logo, to the words you use to tell your story. The photographs and visuals you use are a massive part of what can make your brand and business stand out, and they can make or break your entire brand presence.  So once you have chosen and commissioned your Brand Photographer, here are a few things to consider before getting in front of the camera…

  1. Look your best

Although you need to feel yourself, it is also recommended to give your appearance on the day some consideration. A personal brand photography session is not an insignificant investment, so you will want to feel like you have put your best face forward and that you look your best. One option is to hire a professional hair or makeup artist on the morning of the shoot – to take the stress out of getting ready. You could also reach out to a personal stylist if you really want to ensure that your outfit choices are spot-on. If this is something you would like to do, I can make personal recommendations. Even if you never usually wear makeup, or only minimal makeup, it can give you confidence to have a professional touch on the day. I don’t know about you, but I often have bad hair days just when I don’t need them, or draw a big black line just where I don’t want it, when trying to apply eye makeup in a hurry! Having said this, if you are happy with doing your own hair and makeup, and confident in your outfit choices, then that’s perfect – just allow plenty of time before the shoot, so that you can be calm and able to create the look you want. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed before your photo shoot.

  1. Choose your wardrobe carefully

Wear oufits that make you feel confident, flatter your bodyshape and that tell your audience about who you are. Most photographers allow for an outfit change or two as part of their personal brand photography package, which is a great way to try out a few looks if you can’t decide! Choose carefully, colours that compliment or tone with your brand colours, and looks that exactly depict the themes and stories you want and the values of your business and brand.  For instance, if you want to look friendly and approachable, don’t choose an outfit that is too formal or office like. This is something that I talk through with my clients in their shoot preparation, so if you have any worries, do consult your chosen brand photographer for advice. If you need some extra help, you could even consider hiring a personal stylist for the shoot. Personal stylists are not as elite as they may sound these days – it’s certainly something worth considering in order to get the most from a personal branding shoot.

  1. Use props

Props are a really important part of telling the story of your brand. And telling a story visually is a fantastic way to really make your personal brand photographs stand out. During your shoot, try using a few props to better tell the story of who you are and what you do. If you’re a blogger, get a shot of you writing at your desk. If you’re a florist, ask your photographer to snap a few shots of you arranging some blooms. If you are a photographer, get some shots of you in a shoot. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it!

  1. Stock shots
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In addition to using props in the shots with you, make a list of the ‘stock’ shots that you would like. These are images of your props, or items without people, that you would like to use as prompts for stories in your online marketing. An instagram grid often consists of a mixture of shots of people interspersed with objects – these objects are your stock shots, but it’s much nicer to have imagery that means something to you and your business – bespoke stock imagery. It helps if you have created a strategy for your marketing, both online and off line, and you know the sort of posts/content/communications you will be creating. For example…making lemonade out of lemons…a shot of lemons, a glass of lemonade. Think of stock shots that you would like to have in your bank of images that you can use and reuse, again and again. This helps you get the most of out of your shoot and your images.

  1. Flood your system with positivity. 

On the morning of your shoot, do some meditation, or listen to inspirational music. Listen to a few motivational podcasts or you tube videos. Get in the mood. Yes, you may be a bit nervous, but work on yourself and flood yourself with positivity. It will show in your energy and in the images that are created. 

Hopefully this article has helped give you some ideas on how to make your personal brand photographs really stand out. A key thing to remember is that your personal brand should be an accurate reflection of you. As long as you’re sharing your authentic self with the world, your intended audience will eat it up. Your personal brand photoshoot shouldn’t be about trying to be something you’re not – it’s about making sure you present the absolute best and most confident version of yourself to the world. So embrace those qualities that make you uniquely you!

If you like the sound of a professional personal branding session, do have a look some examples of my work with clients for inspiration, and feel free to get in touch to arrange a discovery call with me to talk through the options.

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