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My latest Documentary Family Photography in Bath

I was contacted  early last year and asked to photograph a lovely young family with 3 small boys. After chickenpox and then during a Covid lull, we happily we managed to get together for this fun and energy filled family photography session at their home in Bath in September.

The shoot started in their garden where we got a few family portraits before having fun playing on ride-ons, bikes and generally fooling around. I then followed them inside to their kitchen, and then their living room – peekaboo under their sofa cushions and then upstairs for more general tomfoolery, reading books and watching for buses out of the window. It was so lovely to join them for a short while, to experience a slice of their family life and capture real-life memories for them of activities that they would usually do together on a weekend. These images will mean so much to them looking back as the boys get older.

Here are a few of my favourite images from our time together:

(I was really chuffed to have won two awards from the FPJA in the last round of their 2020 competitions for the two images above – you can see more about that here. )

(Yes there is a child inside that sofa!)

I really love how each child has different quirks, interests and obsessions that sometimes only last such a short while. It’s so precious to capture images of these passing phases for posterity. This last image shows the current favourite activity of the youngest brother in this family – watching for buses outside his window from his cot. I wonder how long that habit will last. But how lovely that his parents will be able to look back and remember this little thing that he used to do and remember it fondly. We had so much fun during the shoot, and I just love how I get to feel part of a family for a short slice of time during that time I am with them.

If you would like to see more example images from family photography sessions, do have a peek at my family photography page. And if you would like to find out more about a family photography session at home do get in touch for an informal chat about how it all works. Bath family photography

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