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Client Photo Stories

When I put together a slideshow of images, a “Photo Story”,  from a documentary family photography session and set it to music, ready for when a client views their images, it really brings to life the love, the precious moments and what is important in life.

No pretending to be “perfect” or struggling to look just right. This is real life and this is beautiful.

Mornings with bikes, bunnies, crumpets and cats

Slow Sunday morning snuggles when our brother was new.

Moving house, leaving behind a childhood home and a new start.

Pancakes, painting and really funny stories.

The anticipation of pregnancy and welcoming a new little person into our world.

“We would definitely recommend Rose for families who want something beautiful and raw to cherish forever that show the calm and also chaotic realities of having small children.”  Lily

When all the family got together.

The early days with a new arrival: snoozing, hanging in your own special hammock and licking ice from the freezer.

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