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Your Family.  Just as they are.  Characterful, emotive, real.

Family Photography

Family Photographer Bath
There is something beautifully simple about a family photography session in your own home or somewhere of meaning to your family. Relaxed and natural, where your family feel themselves, my photography sessions are unposed and lots of fun. I simply come and spend time with your family, like an old friend, noticing the beauty in your real life moments: turning them into creative, artful images which tell the unique, amazing story of your family at this stage in your life.

Zero pressure to be on your best behaviour, no need to dress up, tidy up or even put on makeup if you don’t want to. The only requirement in my family photography is to be yourselves, and do what you would normally do together as a family, as if I was not there. This is, in my opinion, the easiest way to be photographed! Perfect for camera shy grown ups or children alike. 

Time moves so quickly and small children grow all too fast. My photography sessions freeze a slice of time for you to look back on and cherish all the details of your life right now. I capture images with meaning, bringing you back to how you feel in that moment and creating a family story of a childhood well lived and well loved, to cherish for years to come.

Little boy in car seat with superhero mask


1.5 hours

Capture a slice of family life with a few of your favourite activities together at your home or out on a family adventure.

Little girl being told not to stick fingers in her cake - Family Photographer Bath


Starting from 1.5 hours

Birthday parties, family reunions, Christenings or any excuse for a party – I love to capture your celebrations and real life as it happens.

Family snuggles in bed


4-5 hours

Documenting a morning (or afternoon) with plenty of time for the spontaneous moments and real life to unfold. Start the morning in your pyjamas (not obligatory!), pancakes for breakfast, a trip to the park or end the day with baking, bath and bedtime and everything in between.

“We would definitely recommend Rose for families who want something beautiful and raw to cherish forever that show the calm and also chaotic realities of having small children.”  Lily

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For an extended family storytelling photography session, with time to really relax into a shoot and capture some in depth family moments, you may wish to consider a Morning in The Life photography session (4 hours). Family Photographer Bath.

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