Why you should use a family photographer at your special event

A documentary family photographer for your day

In this modern age of documenting life through photography we tend to snap images on our phones in an instant and hope for the best. Most of the time, it often tends to be one (or both) of the parents who spend a lot of time planning and then running a family event, and it is often that person, (as in everyday life) who thinks to take the key photos. This means that when their children look back in years to come at the images of their special time together, sadly, a key person is missing. This can be particularly heartbreaking in the sad event that a family member passes away, and it is hard to find an image of the family all together, or photos of special times together with that person.

During events, it can also be the case that photos taken on phones, or even on camera by your everyday guest, might not be taken the way you would like (when Uncle Bob chops the top of your head off, for example), or the lighting is too dim, or someone is looking really bored / is picking their nose. Professional photographers are experienced in these situations and will make sure, as far as possible, that everyone is looking their way (or they may do a cheeky head swap at the editing stage!). Of course they also know how to get the lighting right, and how to create images that will recall the special feel of the day, with all key people included.

Photographs are what we leave behind as we age, our legacy – they are snapshots in time, which can take you right back to a particular moment, when your precious babies were small, when they held their arms up to you to be picked up, when all they needed to make them feel better were Mummy (or Daddy) cuddles. Often they can evoke the senses, much like a piece of music, and bring back the smell of the wedding cake, the feel of the brides dress against your skin, the butterflies before you walked down the aisle. It is such a precious thing, to have your day documented in an accurate way, which makes you feel happy and like you belong: to the family; to this day; to this life.

When you take the leap and decide to invest in a photographer for your event, do make sure you shop around a little – and I don’t mean price necessarily. As with all trades, photographers differ in style and personality, and there will be one that you feel fits you and your family best. So contact a few, have a chat, and check out their portfolio before making a decision.

Professional photography is not something you necessarily prioritise for a family event (except perhaps weddings), when there is the food to think of, the kids, and even aunty Joan (and yes, Uncle Bob) to think about. It’s all too easy to forget, or to think it is not important, and then end up disappointed. However, if you decide to invest in a photographer for your special event, and find someone whose work you are happy with, it can really make a day extra special and create memories that will last forever.

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