Why I love photographing Church weddings

Why I love photographing Church weddings

Have you recently booked your church wedding? From my point of view, getting married in a church feels really special and traditional, whether you are religious or not, and here are a few reasons why I love church weddings…

Beautiful and historic

Church buildings are usually so beautiful, with so much thought and care put into them and they are steeped in history. Often the feeling from the staff and volunteers that run the church is that they really want you to have a wonderful day and to have the best possible start to your journey as a married couple. Of course, much of this is going to be the case wherever you choose to get married, and I love photographing a couple wherever is special to them, but for me, church weddings will always have a special place in my heart. 

My experiences as a child  in church

I remember growing up in the church community and singing in the church choir from around the age of 6 to 16. After the service each week I would run to the back of the church and visit the creche and have cuddles with all the babies. Who are now probably in their 30s with their own babies.. (I feel so old!). I used to get on really well with the old ladies of the church who loved listening to my chatter.. so much so, I remember being bribed by them once in the coach on a church weekend away, 50p per half hour, to keep quiet!


I love the old traditions in church, whichever denomination – a Church of England wedding, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist… I love the hymns, the incense, the choir girls and boys, the ringing of church bells. It’s all so beautiful and lovely.  And all so very meaningful. I also love the more modern, louder services, which encourage people to dance, sing and get involved! As a documentary wedding photographer, I love to notice, observe and document all of these different traditions and all the moments and emotions that go along with it, bringing families together and celebrating your start to life as a married couple.

You don’t have to be religious

Even if both of you are not religious, it can feel so real and traditional, getting married in a church and then moving on to another wonderful venue for your celebrations afterwards. Like a break from the serious part of the day, to then kick-back and go wild later on! (Within reason of course…).

My wedding

When I got married way back in 2008, we had our wedding ceremony in Queen Charlton Church, near Keynsham, and then our wedding celebrations at Priston Mill, near Bath. Both venues are absolutely beautiful and special and for me, having been brought up going to Church, it felt really special to have our ceremony in Church with my family and friends. My husband, who is not religious, loves the architecture and history surrounding church buildings and so he was absolutely happy with a church wedding too. 

Many beautiful options

For those who are looking for a church wedding, due to religious beliefs or simply the love of tradition (or architecture!),  there are so many beautiful churches across the South West, Somerset and Bristol area to choose from – from little hidden-away village churches like Burnett Church  just outside of Keynsham, which fits around 60 people (I believe),  to the larger and very impressive churches and cathedrals in Bristol and Wells and of course, Bath Abbey. You may have to be regulars of the parish or have family who are, if you want to get married there, so if you haven’t booked yet, have a chat with those in the know at that church to find out what’s what. But I am sure, at the right venue, they will be delighted to marry you. 

If you have already booked your church ceremony and you are looking for a wedding photographer, do get in touch and we can check my availability – I’d love to work with you to capture beautiful memories of your special day.

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